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Outdoor Freezer

This outdoor Freezer gives a cool to touch temperature control to keep food cold for longer periods of time, and a portable design for facile handling, this mini fridge can hold 6 products, or brands, and comes with a travel electric cooler for an even more efficient pre-measured refrigerator formation. The Freezer also presents a safe purge button for emergencies.

VEVOR 3' x 7' Plastic Door Strip Curtain 8

VEVOR 3' x 7' Plastic



20L Portable MINI Travel Car Freezer Electric Refrigerator Cooler Outdoor 12/24V

20L Portable MINI Travel Car

By Unbranded


64Qt 60L Large Portable Car Fridge Freezer Refrigerator Cooler Electric Outdoor

47QT Dual Zone Portable Car

By Setpower


Outdoor Freezer Walmart

The outdoor Freezer is a valuable addition to your home and can be a powerful tool when it comes to storage, with its 3 x 7 plastic door strip curtain, you can easily see what renders been taken out of your Freezer and how much. This patio Freezer also provides an 36 x 84 pvc vinyl door strip, both of which can easily be replaced, this outdoor Freezer is top-quality for people who appreciate to freez food. This Freezer extends an 64-qt capacity and can hold food items that are 6-1/2 inches in diameter, the 60-lb. Weight capacity means that you can handle the frozen food with ease, this fridge can be used for Freezer or car storage, making it a top-of-the-line way for lovers who covet to take it on travels. This outdoor Freezer grants an 20 l capacity and is equipped with a refrigerator, electric fridge, and cooler, it is puissant for taking to summer entertaining or for storing food in an urban or rural area. The 1224 v power supply makes it effortless to operate and store food, this outdoor Freezer is a sensational choice in case that wanting for an efficient and portable fridge cooler. It's great for travelling, and can handle up to 7, 5 litres of groceries. The mini Freezer also presents a built-in foodsaver to keep your food frozen without needing to handle the oven or stove.